Great Harvest Bread

We’re so excited to be the owners of your new, local Great Harvest Bakery Cafe! 

We can’t wait to bring you real, fresh, handcrafted food. Fresh baked bread and goodies, amazing breakfast and lunch sandwiches where the outside is as good as the inside, salads and grain bowls.

We use fresh-milled whole wheat from the Golden Triangle in Montana, The Napa Valley of Wheat, for whole grain products like you’ve never tasted before.

Our wholesome sandwiches are layers with premium fresh ingredients including high quality meats, home-made spreads, fresh vegetables and of course served on the best bread on the planet!

Stop in and see us for a free slice off our breadboard.

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As our grand opening gift to you, bring a friend to lunch on us!

Great Harvest Bread of Lake Charles, LA

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